Smadj - Equilibriste



Smad met and impressed Robert Trunz, owner of MELT2000, with this exotic musical melange. Robert signed him and they released 'Equilibriste'(BW2126), which features Stephano Di Battista, Laurent Robin, F. Thullier, Malik, C. Atef, R Amblard and of course, Sofi Hellborg. Meaning tight rope walker in French, this title reflects his musical interests and attempt to balance the equally powerful sounds of world jazz with jungle. Of this album,he says, "It's a really fine mix between acoustic and electronic. " In fact, he claims that many people couldn't tell the difference. Not only that but the sounds stretch the boundaries of world music to its full extent, bridging many boundaries and echoing the cultural diversity that he has experienced in his life. He performed thirty gigs in 99 in England and France to promote this album.


Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

2 Isotropie
3 Vite Avide
4 Transe
5 Il Est Fou
6 Go & Find
7 Nous SOmmes Infinis
8 Station Mir
9 Glogg
10 Equilibriste
11 Encore