Gary Meek - Good Friends


Good Friends

In October of 1995 I received some of the worst and best news of my adult life simultaneously. I was informed that my wife, whom I had been with for seven years, and married for five, was moving out and wanted a divorce. I was also informed the same week that my record company B&W music had agreed to pick up their option to do a second record with me. This was the best news I could possibly receive as far as I was concerned. It allowed me for the next four months to dive into writing, arranging, producing, and playing music which is my main purpose for being here on earth. It also probably saved my sanity.


The title Good Friends, given the circumstances at the time, is probably self explanatory. It was only with the help of my good friends that I was able to make it through that very difficult period of my life and emerge with a positive attitude toward life.
Some of the song tittles have a special significance to my life and others are just fun.
The song "Got to Get On," was the first song I came up with after I split up with my wife. I had to keep telling myself: "Put your mind to work and get on with your life." I had never thought of having vocals on the record but after 'demoing' the tune with myself singing, and playing it for my producer, Mike Shapiro, we decided with a real singer, Scott Mayo, and a kind of dry retro style of production (not much reverb or glassy keyboard overdubs), it would sound really funky, so that's what we did.
"My Way Home" was written to really feature the sound of my soprano sax. It really came to life when we decided to use acoustic bass and piano. Except for the woodwinds on the end and one keyboard pad, this was basically just a jazz quartet.
"Good Friends" was started as an idea for the group Fourth World which I used to play with. By the time the tune came to fruition, I had left the band, so I decided to keep it for myself. I'm glad I did. Its a medium-up tempo, up-lifting, 'feel good' kind of tune in 6/8 time.
The name "Solos!" is kind of an inside joke that you had to be there for to understand: However, the tune is one of my favorites on the record and was probably written the fastest. I was sitting on my front porch smoking a cigarette and I came up with the bass line. The tune sort of wrote itself around that.

Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

1 Got to get on
2 Good friends
3 My way home
4 Solos
5 My ship
6 Chorinho pra ele
7 Slam 10
8 Thats why
9 Lost dreams
10 Scratch that itch