Charlie Mariano Quartet - Warum Bist Du Traurig (Why Are You So Sad)
Jazz - Europe


Warum Bist Du Traurig (Why Are You So Sad)


Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

1 Mobile
2 Leaves Adventures
3 Warum Bist Du Traurig
4 Echo
5 Choral
6 Running
7 Meeting
8 Search Und Suche
9 Tanzen



American born saxophonist, Charlie Mariano, now based in Cologne, has played with jazz luminaries such as Stan Kenton, Charlie Mingus, Philip Catherine, Wolfgang Dauner, Albert Mangelsdorff and Herbert Gronemeyer. Recorded under the direction of Ralph Kellen at Studio 44 in Holland, 'Warum Bist Du Traurig' ('Why are you so sad?'), is an opportunity for him to play with the younger generation. As he puts it, "My work with young musicians is a constant challenge to my creativity."

Composer, arranger and pianist, Gregor Josephs, who wrote all nine numbers featured, is a startling talent, using space and time to create mood between flurries of keyboard virtuosity. He completed a classical university education and continues to bridge the classical/jazz divide in current projects. The title track is a beautifully constructed piece that conjures all the angst - and, conversely, all the beauty - that the title hints at.

'Echo' gives bassist Riccardo Del Fra the opportunity to show off his sympathetic acoustic bass work, catching and throwing back the piano phrases, sax runs and drum rolls contributed by the other band members. An Italian based in Paris, "the secret capital of Jazz". His long list of credits include playing with Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Art Farmer, Dave Liebman and Chet Baker, to name but few.

The cultured drumming throughout is provided by German Gerd Breuer who can point to sessions with Lee Konitz, Jiggs Whigham, Ack van Rooyen and Mikesch van Grummer as evidence of his exceptional jazz pedigree. The band is supplemented by the electric bass of Faubian Bausch on three tracks.