Smadj - New Deal
Jazz - Europe


New Deal

'New Deal'(ELM8027) is his impossibly brilliant second album. Reaching No.4 in the European World Music Charts, 'New Deal' features an Indian violinist playing over a hard Moroccan gnawa rhythm with sirens recorded on the streets of New York. He blends soul-jazz into the Arabic world with a fusion of vocals from Togo in West Africa whilst representing other countries such as Mali, Algeria, India, Turkey, France, Togo, USA, Afghanistan, Italy, Sweden and Cameroon. Both releases feature his Jazz and North African oud playing, exquisitely encircling the breakbeats and electronic music of the contemporary dance culture. Whilst a lot of today’s drum’n’bass is musicians playing on top of DJ’s, Smadj is unique in the fact that he creates the entire sound, the basslines and the acoustic analogue music that enlivens the driving force of the sonic beats. Defining his sound as a breakthrough of electronic jazz and oriental- a move towards jazz/funk in Paris- he says, " I think it's really new. Not a lot of people do Jungle stuff, mixed with Jazz - live with a drummer."
A veritable global mixer, Smadj's acoustic expertise on guitar and oud alongside his professional talents as a programmer make him the perfect person to relate jazz to the rhythmic energy of drum’n’bass. His unique approach to music has been appreciated throughout Europe, as Smadj continues to play at live gigs with Sofi and other musician friends.


Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

New Deal
2 Taksmadj
3 Three Worlds
4 Oui Ma Belle!
5 For Nedim
6 Asma
7 Taksmadj 2
8 Armatan
9 Melancolie
10 L' Ame Volatile
11 Ago-Mere, la Terre et Tout le Reste