Eddie Gomez - Live in Moscow
Jazz - USA


Live in Moscow

The historic White Column Hall was the final resting place before burial of Lenin, Stalin and heroes of the old Soviet regime and made a magnificent venue for some unforgettable jazz in October 1992 during the four day period of the Moscow 'Jazznost' Festival.


The legendary Jazz producer George Avakian was back in the land of his fathers, coming out of retirement especially for the occasion, and carefully recording every note for posterity. "It was a privilege to be there." he said afterwards. Which is why he and Festival organisers Vartan Tonoian and Eric Avaguimov flew over to London especially to apply the finishing touches to these recordings in May, 1993.

From as far away as Rio, France, Canada, the US and Russia itself musicians came to Moscow to play together and share in the international experience of sublime jazz. The great American bass player Eddie Gomez came with a trio (Steve Amirault and Ronnie Burrage) and played as part of a duet (with Russian Michael Okun) and as part of the Igor Butman Quartet, providing telepathic bass for the magical tenor saxophone playing of Igor Butman.

Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

1 Alce in Wonderland
2 Stela by starlight
3 Someday by starlight
4 Dabble Vision
5 Spartacus-love theme
6 Nardis
7 Sola