Brigeen Doran - Bright Moments



Born in Dublin, but resident in Switzerland since childhood, the Dorans were brought up in a vibrant jazz culture, underpinned by formal musical training. 'Bright Moments' is a family affair, featuring the swinging, swirling, brooding and beguiling sax talent of Brigeen Doran backed by her brothers, Christy and Dave, who wrote all the numbers between them.


Fernando Saunders from Detroit brings his soulful bass playing to the party and, with Dave's powerful drum sound, they take the listener to the
relatively uncharted territory of the jazz/rock interface. Christy's sinuous guitar providing a perfect counterpoint to the panoramic force of Brigeen's sax playing, while Fernando's vocals on Dave Doran's two compositions show a little of his Detroit roots and prove that funk can inform jazz as well as the other way round.

Brigeen Doran Alto/Soprano/Tenor Saxophones
Fernando Saunders Bass/Vocals
Christy Doran Electric/Acoustic Guitar
Dave Doran Drums/Vocals/Keyboards/Percussion