Ohm - Ohm
Southern Africa



Enigmatically un-named, the debut album from Ohm is more than a collection of songs, it represents the band's influences and mind. Not easy when you consider who makes up the band.
Ohm consists of Brendan Jury (Trans.Sky, Urban Creep), Sven McAlpine (Plain, The Original Evergreen), Andre Van Rensburg (Supernature), and Gaston Goliath (Interzone, Wendy Oldfield Band, The Original Evergreen, Urban Creep). That line-up alone should let you know that you are in for an unpredictable ride. Jury has managed to congregate a circle of musicians who are not submerged by his influence. Throughout the tracks, you can hear Andre's stubbornly eclectic guitar style flaring out, Sven's roaring bass lines and Goliath's unpredictable rhythms.
Yes, it's a rock album, but an album more along the unpredictable lines of Faith No More than Guns 'n Roses.


The opening track "Bomber" is a good tone setter. Both complex and powerful, it suggests things to come later in the album. From there onwards, it's a complex journey of sound where guitar synthesizer and Viola blend together over Eastern time-signatures and straight rock thunder. With Goliath's complex but natural drum 'n bass as a platform, all else sits comfortably in the air. It almost seem unfair to the listener to go into too much detail about what to expect. Certainly the lyrics are not as superficial as we have come to expect from South African bands. In fact, they are as relevant to life and our South African position, as anything you might choose to read.
As a real teaser, there are two full-on Drum 'n Bass remixes at the tail-end of the album, courtesy of Goliath's remixing skills. Don't miss out on Ohm, it's a turning point in the way that rock is being presented in South Africa, and has a keen and ready intelligence to it that pleases the mind and the ear.

Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

2 Slow
3 Believer
4 Julia
5 Infidel
6 No-One
7 Dissolve
8 Mary
9 Heart Of Darkness (Bring It On)
10 Dissolve (remix)
11 Julia (remix)