Max Laesser & Madala Kunene's -Madamax (Bafo)
Vocal Male / Female


Max Laesser & Madala Kunene - Bafo


MZA 044


featuring: Madala Kunene, Max Laesser, Christoph Stiefel, Walter Keiser, Lungiswa Plaatjies & Bernard Sibusiso Mndaweni

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Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

1. Unogwaja
2. Yelele
3.. Amasi
4. Namhla Kungawe
5. First Jam
6. Bafo
8. Siyakhala
9. Emagcekeni
10. Kommetjie
11. Ucilo
12. Ulimmat
13. Ubongo
14. Uthando
15. Unogwaja (Later)


Animals everywhere: Whilst UCILO, the bird, snaps (steals) the children's
food, UNOGWAJA - the field rabbit gets trapped because of his rattling ankle
bracelet and in Amasi one moans about the disappearance of cows.

Ubongo is a child's name - the song talks about the initiation ceremony and
the ancestral spirits. In Bafo it say: Everybody calls me Bafo, even my own
children call me by that name.

Well-being is the priority ( in the foreground) with EMAGCEKENI: Are you
sick? What are you worried about? Do you have gut (stomach) ache? Do you
have a headache?

In SIYAKHALA the entire Africa is mournful and crying about the Aids
epidemic that rages

YELELE - wake up black nations, wake up people of Africa - famine is here!

MERISHA is a Zulu Blues. Marisha what have I done wrong that you criticise
me now ?

UTHANDO - Come closer my love, don't leave me alone.

Lungiswa Plaatjies - Vocal, Percussion, Mbira
Madala Kunene - Vocal, acoustic guitar
Bernard Mndaweni - Vocal, electric bass
Walter Keiser - - drums, percussion
Christoph Stiefel - keyboards, piano, programming
Max Lasser - acoustic & electric guitar, Mandoline ?? Lap Steel, Pedal
Steel, Pedal Steel, Weissenborn, Bariton - Guitar and Mondlaute???

Guest: Simpiwe Matole marimba

Max Lasser plays Manzanita guitars

Recorded by Rolf Stauffacher & Max Lasser at Starboat Studio in Baden
(Switzerland) except for track 10 recorded on Minidisk in Kommetjie, Cape

Mixed by Rolf Stauffacher at Powerplay Studio in Maur (Switzerland)
Mastered by Rolf Stauffacher
Photos by Reto Camenisch, courtesy of Gallery Roemerapotheke
Cover drawing: Andrea Caprez
Graphic design: Christophe Badoux

Produced by Christoph Stiefel for Max Music, CH
Licensed from Max Music CH for Southern Africa by:
P.O. Box 1046, Cullinan 1000 South Africa

All titles published by Max Music CH and Melt 2000 Publishing SA
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