Madosini - Power to the Women
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The Rough Guide to World Music said in 1999:

"After making a few great but oscure recordings in the mid 1970's Madosini disappeared into the Transkei only to be rediscovered by Robert Trunz of M.E.L.T. 2000 who proceeded to showcase her artistry wit symapthetic ad imaginative production techniques, a leap of musical (and financial) faith that could only have occured with a non-South African record label. The result is a wonderful exposition of tradition enhanced by technology."

Madosini was actually rediscovered by Dizu Plaatjies and Mzwandile Qotoyi (founding members of AMAMPONDO) who after contacting Robert Trunz in the UK took her to Milestone recording studios in Cape Town. A great variety of Madosini's songs were recorded without further overdubs. When the M.E.L.T. team arrived in Joburg in 1995 with Cuban conga master Changuito, bata player Mayito and student Robbie Geerken they met up with Dizu, Mzwandile and the Amampondo choir from the township of Langa to complete three exiting days of overdubs and traditional songs. Some of the traditional Xhosa songs were  later released under the title Fidel Pondo with a reference to the amazing contributions of the two Cuban masters Changuito and Mayito.

Although Africans are referred to as illiterate, they are the great educators, dramatists and poets. Their theatres are not confined into one venue, they can be anywhere no matter the audience or the situation. If you are a music fanatic and considering music as the food of love therefore, human life, human nature and human condition begins in this album and it continues to the last song leaving you crying for more. The presentation of this kind of music should not be seen as the unveiling of the backward forms but the opening of the pot with treasure rich in culture. The point worth making is that we cannot move from the present to the past but we can project our knowledge of the past and share the experiences with the other people.

Life, love and respect are the concern of the artists and they wish to enjoy these sounds with people in Africa and all over the world. As human beings we are prey to an infinite number of passions; these would include ambition, belief, desire, disloyalty, falsehood, grief, jealousy, superstition and worry. All these qualities will be unpacked from song to song in this album. This keeps us moving side by side, throwing us into wonderland. Lungile Gadezweni


In 2008, Madosini performed at the WOMAD festival, and was the first person to be recorded and documented in the festival's Musical Elders Archives project.



Track Listing

1. Uthando Luphelile (4:11)
2. Yitileni (2:26)
3. Wenu Se Goli (3:08)
4. Nontwayiyo (3:19)
5. Bafazi (3:35)
6. Nomatshawe (3:19)
7. Nozimama (Uthando Luphelile Dub) (7:02)
8. Yaka Yaka (4:12)
9. Spetukano (3:32)
10. Ixhegolekula (4:22)
11. Uxam Ulilela Abantwana Bakhe (2:56)
12. Intaba Ezikude (2:01)
13. Modokali I (Umrhubhe - Mouthbow) (2:46)
14. Modokali ll (Uhadi - Berimbau) (3:13)
15. Bafazi (Dub) (4.03)