Protocol & Simon Phillips - Force Majeure
World Music



Force Majeure




Tracks (30 Second Samples)

1. The Gooz
Written by Simon Phillips and Ray Russell

2. Force Majeure
Written by Simon Phillips and Ray Russell

3. Two Socks
Written by Simon Phillips

4. Harlem Nights
Written by Simon Phillips and Ray Russell

5. Cosmos
Written by Simon Phillips

6. Blue Shoes, No Dance
Written by Ray Russell

7. The Bottom Line
Written by Ray Russell

8. Streetwise
Written by Simon Phillips

9. One for CI
Written by Simon Phillips

10. Outback
Written by Simon Phillips

Recorded at Freiburg Zelt Festival by Ric Walton on June 20th and 22nd 1992
Mixed at Last Chance Studios, London by Ric Walton and Stuart Bruce

Ray Russell - Guitar
Anthony Jackson - Bass
Tony Roberts - Horns
Simon Phillips - Drums


Release Notes:

"Still chasing that record deal in the sky", I was writing more and I felt like I was developing my own instrumental style. I had re-kindled a
partnership with Ray Russell, with whom I played with in my first band, Chopyn, back in '74. He very kindly played some of the new material to
Robert Trunz and he offered us a deal. The opportunity to play at the Freiburg Zelt Festival in '92 was offered by Pete York as part of the Super
Drumming event. I thought this would be a wonderful way to get a live recording that could be manipulated in the studio. I called Anthony Jackson, one of my all time favorite bass players and Ray called Tony Roberts, a horn player that he had worked with often, and we had a band. Then Ray and I wrote like crazy so we had enough material for a decent length set with more to spare. Anthony flew into London where we rehearsed for 3 days and then it was off to Freiburg. We played 2 shows, one in the Circus Tent and one in the Main Tent - both shows were recorded beautifully by Ric Walton. Ray and I went into the studio to listen, fix and mix. However, this was around the time that I got the call from Toto so I had to put Force Majeure on hold for a few months. I came back to London just before Christmas to complete the mixing and the record was released in '93.