Darius Brubeck
altDarius Brubeck was the Director of the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music and Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Natal, Durban. In 1983 he initiated the first degree course in Jazz Studies offered by an African University.

Before 1983, Brubeck toured internationally with Two Generations of Brubeck and The New Brubeck Quartet (Dave, Darius, Chris and Dan Brubeck), made TV appearances and recorded for Atlantic Records. In 1997 Telarc released "In Their Own Sweet Way" which features Darius with his father and brothers.


  1. Darius Brubeck & Deepak Ram - Gathering Forces Vol. 2
  2. African Tirbutes
  3. Darius Brubeck / Victor Ntoni - Afro Cool Concept

Brubeck and Victor Ntoni formed Afro Cool Concept in 1989 and this band has performed in the USA, Italy, Thailand and all over Southern Africa,
including major festivals such as North Sea and the National Jazz festival, held in Grahamstown. Bassist Bongani Sokhela replaced Ntoni in 1996, joining South Africa?s premier alto saxophonist, Barney Rachabane and drummer Lulu Gontsana in the group. Afro Cool Concept has just released "Still on my Mind" for Sheer Sound.

Brubeck has given workshops worldwide and performed in Istanbul, Peru and Sweden with University based bands. One of these bands, Darius Brubeck and the NU Jazz Connection featured South African trumpet player Feya Faku. Both Afro Cool Concept and the NU Jazz Connection made recordings for B & W Music (MELT 2000). Many of the members of the first student band (The Jazzanians) that Brubeck took to the USA to perform at the International Association of Jazz Educators Conference are now well known in their own right, for example Zim Ngqawana.

Under another band name Gathering Forces, Brubeck often plays with virtuoso bansuri (Indian flute) player, Deepak Ram. Their premiere concert was also released by MELT.In 1997 Gathering Forces received excellent reviews at the ?Fin de Siecle? festival in Nantes. A new adaptation, Darius Brubeck and Gathering Forces, performed especially composed music at the ?World Conference against Racism? in September 2001 and this presentation was broadcast on television worldwide. In 2002, Kofi Annan and Heads of States attending the African Union conference in Durban danced to South African jazz played by the Brubeck band.

Brubeck has performed with the London Symphony Orchestra, which played four of his arrangements as part of a programme honoring his father's 70th and 75th birthday and he composed a piece especially for the 80th birthday concert celebrations in December 2000, which has been released on CD (LSO 0011).

In 1999/2000 Brubeck was on a Fellowship at the University of Nottingham where he hosted a jazz concert series. He has presented jazz on national
radio and has worked for the development of jazz in South Africa as a performer, producer, educator and composer.