Fidel Pondo - Traditional Xhosa meets Cuba
Southern Africa

In 1995, two of the most accomplished percussionists from Cuba joined members of Amampondo to create the first ever Afro-Cuban collaboration in making traditional Xhosa music. Both founding  memebers of Amampondo Dizu Plaatjies and Mzwandile Qotoyi are experts of traditional Xhosa- and African music . Changuito, the Cuban master congalero has a  history with MELT and was  first introduced to the label by Airto Moriera. Also on the album playing Bata Drums is Mayito, leader of the touring latin Jazz group Afro-Cuba.  Fidel Mpondo is in essence inspired by the historic landright battles of the people of South Africa's most beautiful coastal stretch we simply call Pondoland or the Transkei. The album is dedicated to leaders of independance such as Fidel Castro but even more fundamentally to the Clan Chiefs of the Pondoland who successfully resisted the British, the Boers and the apartheid regime in numerous uprisings and rebellions against overwhelming odds. the disc contains a series of great pictures of rural live in the Pondoland.


Track Listing (30 Second Samples coming sooon)

1. Yintoni nate izange
2. Yaka Yaka
3. Ikhaya Eisemomondweni
4. Ikaske percusssion
5. U Maziphathe Lo
6. Amazuito
7. Inkosi Yamapondo
8. Sphethukano
9. Masola Percussion
10. Phumentilongweni
11. Ubuhte Percussion
12. Andilaeanga ebusuku
13. Inkosi Yama Mpondo