Rolf Schimmermann - Suru
Jazz - Europe


Rolf is an exceptionally talented Swiss composer on piano and keyboards, with a quite unique appreciation of how keyboards and percussion can work eloquently together. He wanted to put some of these ideas into practice and needed an exceptional drummer/percussionist to work with. Cue Fredy Studer. The bass was supplied by Dill Katz and a dream horn section arrived courtesy of Stuart Brookes and Tony Roberts.


Ray Russell lent his considerable guitar talents and ear for arrangement to the proceedings - and used his studio facilities at Last Chance Records to create a fertile environment for Rolf to experiment with sound until the ideas came together. The recording sessions themselves took place at the EMI Abbey Road studios, where past and present creative triumphs mingle enticingly in the air, and a little of this inspiring pedigree obviously transferred itself to this project.

Miriam Stockley, famous for her work with British band, Praise, and a well known Fiat ad, injected an atmospheric vocal element in the mix. Then it was back to the Last Chance Studios to produce the final mix. Suru was born. Six outstanding modern jazz/rock crossover pieces that defy all the accepted forms and structures.

Track listing:
  1. Ainat Part 1 (2:31)
  2. Ainat Part 2 (6:11)
  3. Passages Part 1 (0:52)
  4. Passages Part 2 (9:38)
  5. Traces (9:15)
  6. Take Six (6:37)
  7. Endless Longing Part 1 (2:55)
  8. Endless Longing Part 2 (4:10)
  9. Pole Star (6:46)