Amampondo - Vuyani (Celebrate)
Drums & Percussion


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Vuyani (Celebrate) (BW2143)

This album from Amampondo is to celebrate their 20 years of music making. It looks forward with some exciting new tracks, whilst drawing from some of their great tunes from the past performed in new ways.
Featuring guests from the amazingly talented musicians that live in the townships, often struggling to survive in a country that does not always appreciate its own talent, this is a showcase for the music of Cape Town. Through the 20 years Amampondo have had many struggles, fighting to perform their music and keep traditions alive, whilst being seen as a threat by the Apartheid regime who harassed them and tried to make their lives as difficult as possible.


To survive for so long in the face of such pressure is quite an achievement, they deserve recognition for their part in keeping Xhosa culture alive and growing. Today the pressures are different and many members of the group are working with young people to teach them how to play traditional instruments. The future in South Africa still looks good!alt
This is an African album drawing influence from traditional Xhosa songs, music from the rest of Africa and the music of African descendants all over the world. It is an acoustic album with minimum electronics, but the sound is big, itÙs a celebration of life in the Rainbow Nation, feel free to dance!
Play it loud!
Chris Lewis

Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

1. 915
2. Seng' Inkomo
3. State of Emergency
4. African Pride
5. Ndiyakhala
6. Yeye
7. Vuyani - intro
8. Vuyani
9. ITshintsh' Ikhona
10. Xoliswa
11. Ihobe
12. Abantu Abadala
13. Amapheyile
14. Woza