Flora Purim - Speed Of Light
Jazz - Brazil


Speed Of Light (BW044)

"Singing live is like a voyage. By the time I open my eyes at the end of a show, I've flown all over the planet and I'm back there and I see everybody sweating, crying, hugging and loving. That's a great feeling." Flora Purim "Speed of Light for me is the most rhythmic and stunning album by the great Brazilian diva - produced by Airto Moreira and supported by their daughter Diana, Changuito, Bill Cobham, Givanno Hidalgo and Freddie Sanyago it will remain a masterpiece and reference for generation to come. - Robert Trunz, CEO MELT"

Flora Purim is one of the most unique vocalists of the last twenty years, the musical role model of a generation of jazz singers. Few can match the Brazilian diva's astonishing range or come close to reaching the simple beauty, ethereal quality and sensuality that Flora brings to her music. She sings lyrically but also sometimes wordlessly, blending her voice (often aided by electronics) with other instruments to produce one of the most haunting and distinctive sounds in modern music. Married to the world famous percussionist, Airto Moreira, Flora performs with him as a member of Fourth World. Her latest album for MELT called "Flora sings Milton Nascimento" pays tribute to the great Brazilian singer and songwriter.

Track Listing (30 Second Samples)

1 A Secret From the Sea
2 Wings (Asas)
3 Portal da Cor
4 Rhythm Runner
5 Light As My Flo'
6 Mojave Crossing
7 O Canto da Sereia
8 This World (Esse Mundo E Meu)
9 Overture
10 The Goddess of Thunder
11 What You See
12 Maiasta (Miraculous Bird)