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Fourth World - Encounters of The Fourth World
Jazz - Brazil


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Encounters of The Fourth World (BW045)

Fourth World are an exhilarating celebration of life and this album, recorded at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam on 19 February 1995, is the first to capture the band in full flow, live and direct.

The Meaning of Life
It was the first day of Spring '95 in Amsterdam and people were out on the streets enjoying the sunshine. Fourth World had just finished a four week stint at Ronnie Scott's in London as well as an extensive tour through Austria and Switzerland. This was the last night of their European tour and, without their knowledge, Peter de Ruig and I had organised a live recording with the Van man, Jan de Groot. The band had already recorded three nights at Ronnie's but I really wanted to catch them unaware at the end of the tour when the group was at the height of creativity. The great ambience and aura of Amsterdam plus the fabulous venue contributed to the excitement that was building up during the afternoon's rehearsal and sound check. Although it is only a small venue, the Bimhuis is beautiful, located in among the canals, and what you hear on this album reflects just some of the magic of the night. If you want to get the rest then you have to catch Fourth World live to find the meaning of LIFE = ENERGY.
Robert Trunz


Fourth World - Live in Johannesburg 1993
World Music


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Live @ Arts Alive Guiness Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa 1993

"I've always had this dream of recording an album with South African musicians playing alongside some of the best musicians in the world. I'm also telling my people that this country is unique, that musically, audiences haven't learnt to appreciate what they have available to them. In a way it's a plea to give South African musicians a chance." Airto

Fourth World - No Gap
Jazz - Brazil

In our daily life we are often confronted with the term Generation Gap loosely used to describe differences between us parents and our kids. When I started working with Flora and Airto in 1993 they introduced their daughter Diana and her now husband Krishna Booker.During the years of recording with the four of them the so called generation gap transpired often over trivial matters or when the wisdom of the parents or the common sense of the younger generation got completely ignored.

However when in the studio everything was forgiven and forgotten and the creative juicy would flow immediately amidst the speckle of colourful sparks and the fairies of musical creation would dance amongst them all filling every empty space with joy and laughter.

The genes that were passed onto our youngsters by our parents like Flora and Airto are so evident in the beauty of their common creation. The openness of Fourth World (being Airto, Flora, and Jose Neto) to welcome a fresh breeze into their music has made it possible for Ragga to compile this album using many oft he tracks composed by Diana & Krishna without even being aware of - ust feeling the never aging youth in their common creation.

A deep thank you to the creative spirits to allow such an intimate relationship to be created for their fans to enjoy this organic compilation free of Generation Gap

Rober Trunz Melt 2000

Track Listing (30 second samples coming soon)

1. Burning Money2.Terra Mia
3. What We Really See
4. River Sao Francisco
5. Yara / Firewalk
6. Tri to the Fourth World
7. Fire Water / Jive talk
8. Serra do Relogio
9. Snake Bite
10. Capoeira da Mente
11. Within Your Mind
12. Final Celebration

Fourth World - Return Journey
Jazz - Brazil


Return Journey (ELM8021)

Featuring 10 new interpretations from some of today's leading underground remixers/producers, The Return Journey aims to open the world/jazz sound to a whole new audience of discerning music lovers. The Herbalisers head nodding remix of Last Journey paves the way for 4 Hero, IG culture, London Electricity, Nation World Service, Tony Thorpe, Fila Brazilia and Argonaut to add their individual style which results in an eclectic mix of cutting edge sounds.


Fourth World - The Last Journey
Drums & Percussion


The Last Journey (BW2122)

It took 8 years to develop this concept of music with no label, no discrimination and no boundaries. The musicianship in this album is superb and it will bring back great musical moments and the raw energy of the music of this century. Every member of the new Fourth World can stand on their own as well as being an integral part of the ensemble. Our long time contributor bass player, Gary Brown and the great arranger keyboardist from Brazil, Luis Avellar and Widor Santiago, one of the best Brazilian reed men at this moment, and also special guest master Latin percussionist, Giovani Hidalgo all have a part to play. To me, this group of musicians together formed one of the best groups Airto and I had a chance to experience in the last 10 years.........

Freedom Countdown - Madala Kunene, Mandla Masuku & Barney Bophela
Vocal Male / Female



Madala Kunene is a renowned Zulu Folk Singer with an almost trance like quality. His Music talks about the people of South Africa and reminds us of the old folk tales we used to listen to when we were young.
Mandla Masuku has built his popularity in South Africa through his distinctive township Jive and brought him a wide audience aside from his collaborations with many other musicians, he is a strong front man in his own right.
Barney Bophela crosses both traditional and African Pop. He is playing into his own kind of American Influence Jazz Fusion that retains a South African Flavour.
Produced by Sipho Gumede (This album was his first production for M.E.L.T)


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